Hey Mom!

Motherhood is an amazing journey that teaches you so much, and unlike any other journey there’s no end to it.  When a woman embarks on the journey of motherhood,  she experiences a myriad of emotions. 

She experiences joy, excitement,  surprise,  sadness, anger, fear, shame and guilt. Isn’t it astounding to know how a little being can infuse so much feelings in her. Just like the variety of emotions,  even Mothers are of different types.  So are you ready to know what type of a mother you are?

1. The Ever worrying Mom – She worries about every thing. A change in the colour of baby’s poop, a small boil on the baby’s stomach, too much phone calls to friends,  partying late, not answering the phone.   You just name it,  and she’ll start worrying. 

2. The super chilled Mom – She’s just opposite to the above kind.  She takes everything in a light and matured way and doesn’t worry unnecessarily. Even in difficult situations, she knows how to keep herself calm and composed. 

3. The perfectionist Mom – You’ll probably find her with a check list in hand.  She’s the type who keeps everything ready from before hand. She’s also the one who’ll go out of the way to ensure her child’s  school projects are done up to the mark.

4. The socially active Mom – She loves posting photos of her child on facebook and instagram. You find her keeping you updated on her child’s new hobby class, school outings, family picnic, some achievements. Anything and everything,  you’ll find her child’s latest photo with a caption on social media. 

5. The Masterchef Mom – From cakes to laddoos, to Kababs and Jams, she knows how to cook everything under the sun. She loves to cook and spoil her little one with a variety of delights. She’s the kind who’s most disliked by the daughter-in-laws.

6. The shopaholic Mom – She’s the one who loves to shop for the latest trends for her child. In any party, her child will probably be the most well dressed kid. She keeps a check on all the online shopping platforms for new arrivals. You’ll find her more in shopping malls than at home.  

7. The Studious Mom – She’s the one who herself was a near topper in school,  and now runs after her kids to make them one.  You’ll find her always standing with a ruler behind her child’s study table.  She’s a no nonsense mother.  She’ll not take any excuses when it comes to studies.

8. The fun loving Mom – She’s a child herself, who’s relieving her childhood days with her kid again.  She enthusiastically takes part in all her child’s activities.  You’ll probably find her going down the roller coaster or jumping in the pool with her kid. 

9. The traveller Mom – She loves to travel and she’ll carry her child wherever she goes. By the time the child has reached 10, he or she has probably seen half the world. 

So did you find out what type of a Mom you are? I can tell you I’m a combination of 3 and 8, with a bit of 7. I would love to know about you now.  Please hit the like button if you enjoyed reading my blog.

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A writer by passion and a blogger by choice, I love to play with words.

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